2018 Iron Mountain Camp

IMC-Logo-(white)It’s already been three weeks since the 2018 Iron Mountain Camp. I don’t think the results and significance of the event have fully set in. This camp included forty five participates from the east coast and mid-west United States. Fourteen Counterpoint affiliated clubs and schools were represented. Nineteen individuals successfully passed their belt rank examination, seventeen of which were varying degrees of Black Belt up to Fifth Degree.

Master Z, the Founder and Ninth Degree Black Belt of the Counterpoint Tactical System, presented new, master-level curriculum on the nitty-gritty details of empty hands versus a knife. His presentation was spot-on and engineered to combat the reality of knife attacks experienced in today’s world.

Finally, what has been called a “family reunion” truly did live up to it; as participates witnessed raw emotions from their fellow students and instructors as they expressed what this martial art has provided them.
DSC_1093 (2)
Iron Mountain Camp is a training camp, but like years passed and for years to come, it’s truly an experience. It’s a martial arts experience that’s filled with professional instruction in a picturesque mountain environment with people from all over the country that are considered family.

Thank you Master Z and Mrs. Dian for hosting such a wonderful experience!

For additional pictures from the 2018 Iron Mountain Camp, click here.

For more information on the Counterpoint Tactical System, click here.

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